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Why You Need A Professional For Mold Clean-Up

Did you know that over 25% of Americans are born with a predisposition to mold-related illnesses? That’s a big problem, considering over 45 million buildings in the U.S. have unhealthy mold levels in their air. Mold growth is an issue in modern housing, and removing it can pose a significant challenge. Professional remediation can be expensive and time-consuming, so, understandably, many people prefer to handle it on their own. But is mold removal something that has to be done by a professional, or can the average person take care of it? 

The short answer? Maybe. It depends on many factors, but usually, mold remediation needs to be handled by a professional unless the affected area is small and easily accessible for treatment. If you’re trying to decide whether your mold problem is a DIY situation, consider the following before getting started:

The Golden Rule of Mold Remediation

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends professional remediation for any mold situation larger than 10 square feet. They also recommend professional remediation for any water damage or sewage-related mold problems, due to the hazardous situations and materials involved. 

Mold Removal Is Dangerous

Mold spores often contain mycotoxins that contribute to diseases and illnesses in the human body. In large amounts, mold can even cause death. Even if a mold problem is smaller than 10 square feet, the wall, floor, or ceiling affected could have asbestos in it. Asbestos is highly toxic and causes respiratory illness and damage. This means any building built before the 1980s needs to be tested for asbestos before any building materials impacted by mold are removed. Bear in mind that these risks remain even in more minor mold situations, and professionals have the gear to protect themselves from these hazards. 

Professional Work Means Professional Knowledge

Remediation cost is a big factor homeowners consider when choosing to do mold remediation on their own. The trouble is, while removing the evident mold may be easy, a DIY job can quickly lead to a far more expensive professional job farther down the line. 

DIYers generally don’t have the experience to know whether mold has extended beyond the clearly impacted area. But mold grows and travels quickly through organic materials in a building. Mold in the bathroom can spread through the walls to the floors.  Mold can even invade a home’s ductwork. A professional mold specialist knows to look for possible spreading and can investigate the house for any hidden colonies of mold. 

Professional Work Means Professional Results

When it comes to mold removal, the reality is that professional remediation services have tools and abilities that a DIYer typically does not. For proper mold remediation, professionals utilize expensive HEPA vacuum cleaners, antimicrobial cleaning agents, and power tools. These materials are costly, and in some cases can be dangerous to work with. Professionals know how to use their machinery safely without posing a risk to your home.

These tools and resources, combined with the experience and knowledge of the professionals, guarantee better results. Improperly remediated mold may grow back or continue growing in hidden nooks and crannies. But the experts know to properly clean and seal an area to prevent mold resurgence. Their job is not just to remove mold but also to prevent regrowth and hazardous scenarios in the future. Most DIYers simply aren’t set up to handle long-term mold prevention. 

When mold situations have grown out of control, it’s best to work with a professional. At Green Genie Environmental, your safety and comfort are our priority. Our experts know how to handle any situation that comes their way. Call us today at 716-466-6653 for all your mold removal and remediation needs. 

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