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Deck Cleaning

Has your deck lost its appeal, extensive stains, mold growth, mildew? Want to reclaim your deck from the elements, contact Green Genie Environmental today! Green Genie 📍 575 Ludwig Ave Suite 200, Cheektowaga, NY 14227 |

Has your deck lost the appeal it used to hold? Extensive stains, mold growth, mildew, and age can discourage families from getting the most out of their outdoor spaces. If you want to reclaim your porch or deck from the elements, contact Green Genie Environmental today. We’ll restore the splendor of your outdoor space naturally. You don’t have to worry about what chemicals you’re introducing to the local ecosystem, but you don’t have to worry about mold and mildew, either.

Decks and porches are extremely vulnerable to the elements. Unlike the sides and roof of your home, the wooden elements of a deck have no cover. Shingles don’t keep rainwater away, and siding doesn’t prevent things like moss and algae from softening and dissolving surfaces. This means decks suffer a lot of abuse and they show the signs of constant exposure much more quickly than siding or roofing.

When your deck turns green, develops black spots, or becomes suspiciously slippery, it makes sense just to stay inside. That precious outdoor space is full of potential memories, though. Don’t abandon your deck to its fate. A single call can bring back the space you love. Reminiscing on memories of fun is great, but it’s better to continue the party. Green Genie Environmental, your local, eco-friendly experts, can get you back on your deck faster with fewer consequences than any traditional cleaning team.

Preserve Your Space with Green Genie Environmental

There are two traditional methods for cleaning outdoor spaces like decks. The most popular is power washing. This method comes with a series of trade-offs, however, that shave years off the lifetime of your deck or porch. By scouring a wooden surface with a high-pressure stream of water, you blast everything away. This includes sealants, paint, and even layers of wood. Raised grain isn’t a natural sign of aging wood. It’s a sign of excessively powerful cleaning techniques.

The other traditional cleaning technique requires harsh solvents and toxic chemicals. Like a power washer, these methods do not discriminate between wanted and unwanted materials. They dissolve everything they come into contact with. Many also leave trace residues. Since people do a lot of eating and drinking on their decks, it’s important to keep these areas safe. If you put your hand on the railing before reaching for a hot dog, you shouldn’t be putting your health at risk.

Green Genie Environmental’s technicians are dedicated to customer safety. That’s why everything we use is natural. When we clean a deck, it’s immediately safe for children and pets. We don’t leave poisons behind when we finish a job. We also help you keep your deck longer. Unlike power washers and harsh solvents, our gentle, natural cleaning solution doesn’t attack indiscriminately. Enzymes destroy threats like mold. The formula can actually help restore the natural luster of your wood, too. We will never sacrifice part of your property in order to clean away stains and eyesores. We protect you, your loved ones, and your property through reliable cleaning methods.

Deck Cleaning Services:

  • Exterior Cleaning : Wood attracts more parasitic growths than asphalt shingles or siding. If a parasitic organism can grow on a tree, it can grow on your porch. This ranges from lichen and moss to shelf mushrooms and black mold. These growths actively erode your deck. This makes delicate wood even more fragile. Blasting this fragile wood with highly pressurized water or subjecting it to erosive chemicals only speeds its decay. If you want to not only clean but also preserve your deck, you need Green Genie Environmental. We take a fresh approach to exterior cleaning. Instead of adding damage to the most exposed parts of your home or business, we introduce safe, natural solutions. We get rid of the damaging agents and restore the beauty of your exterior space through the same treatment.
  • Mold Removal : Cleaning mold with a power washer is not only damaging but also ultimately ineffective. Although you can blast away the current growths, mold thrives in damp environments. Soaking your entire deck is an invitation to mold, mildew, and other parasitic growths. If your deck isn’t cleaned on an especially bright, sunny day, then you may discover slippery, slimy mold growing back within days or weeks. On top of this, you must deal the damage left by the cleaning procedure. You may have to reseal or re-stain your deck after every treatment. Green Genie Environmental’s treatments are very different. We don’t blast gallon after gallon of our cleaning solution on your deck, so it takes less time to dry. Rather than simply providing water to invasive organisms, our solution treatment fights them off. A little excess cleaning solution is very different from a little excess water. Don’t give mold the things it needs to make a comeback. Clean with Green Genie Environmental to keep your deck safe and keep problems like mold away longer.