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Licensed • Bonded • Insured

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Sewage Backup Cleanup

Green Genie is West, NY's eco-friendly sewage backup cleanup company that you can count on! Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, Call (716) 289-2903 Green Genie 📍 575 Ludwig Ave Suite 200, Cheektowaga, NY 14227 |

Nothing smells worse than sewage, and when sewage water backs up into your home or business, you need professional assistance fast. Green Genie Environmental Services is ready to help 24/7, and we respond to most cases within an hour. When speed is essential, Green Genie Environmental is your best option for Sewage Water Back Up services in the Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and West New York areas.

A regular flood or leak can cause plenty of damage, but nothing is more dangerous than sewage water. Not only does it smell awful, but it carries filth and disease into your living spaces and workspaces. As a result, sewage backup at your home or office demands an immediate cleanup. The smell alone can make you and your loved ones sick. The longer you leave the leaked fluids, the more time they have to seep into your walls, flooring, and even furniture. In this case, the sewage causes permanent damage to your treasured possessions and leaves odors that are impossible to remove without extensive tear-out. Green Genie Environmental quick, reliable service saves you the heartbreak and hassle of gutting spaces after a sewage backup.

Cleaning up sewage backup requires more than just water extraction. The entire area needs immediate and thorough cleaning. Leave your home or business in Green Genie Environmental care, and you can get your space back to the way it was, like nothing ever happened, without the risks and frustration of handling the mess yourself. Don’t put your health on the line. Contact Green Genie Environmental today at (716) 466-6653. The right treatment today can make all the difference.

The Green Genie Environmental Difference

Sewage brings disease and filth into your house. Green Genie Environmental believes that cleanup shouldn’t mean adding toxic chemicals to the mix. We clean and restore any damaged space through purely natural and eco-friendly solutions that won’t leave adangerous residue that could harm children, pets, or even plants. You won’t need to worry about harsh, and potentially harmful chemical smells left in your home to replace or mask the sewage odor. When we promise to clean your space, we mean it.

Green Genie Environmental is the cleanup team you can trust. We build our business on customer service. We understand that a disaster like a sewage leak can interrupt your life, often at the worst possible time. With Green Genie Environmental, you can get back to your routine quickly. Not only do we hurry to solve the immediate issue, but our techniques and solutions are all designed with speed and safety in mind. Our goal is to reduce cleanup time and give your home or business back to you without any caveats or delays. That means no worrying about toxic solution residue left on your walls, and no chemical hazards buried in your carpet.

Our natural antibacterial solution can handle just about anything – even mold stains! It’s the safer, fresher way to restore your space after a sewage leak. Every service we offer is eco-friendly and far less damaging to your health, home, and the environment than traditional remediation and restoration techniques.

Sewage Backup Cleanup Services:

  • Water Removal : The first part of cleanup is water and waste removal. Green Genie Environmental gets this work done quickly and efficiently to curtail ongoing damage and reduce the likelihood of bacterial contamination. Large or small, Green Genie Environmental can handle essentially any size of leak or flood. No matter where your sewage backup creeps, we can clean it up and return your space to a livable condition in short order.
  • Reduced Tear-Out : Removing items and materials tainted by sewage is an easy solution, but Green Genie Environmental always seeks to preserve as much of your space as possible. Thisspace includes carpets and drywall, materials that are almost always torn out in traditional restoration work. One of the secrets to our success is our certified Applied Structural Drying technique. If sewage crept between walls or under flooring, Applied Structural Drying could help save your space. Our natural antibacterial solution doesn’t require the force of a power washer to do its work, so Green Genie Environmental causes less additional damage than many competitors when it comes time to do the actual cleaning. As a result, it leaves more of your space intact, which saves time and money.
  • Mold Remediation : Any leak or flood often leads to mold and mildew in the dark corners of your affected These quiet killers can harm you and your loved ones. The effects could last months or even years after a sewage leak, especially if you don’t properly address the issue right away. Green Genie Environmental takes this threat seriously. We are licensed to both assess and remediate mold in the state of New York, so we understand the causes and risks. Our experience gives us the insight to spot potential hiding places for mold and mildew so we can protect your home after a sewage backup. We care about your health and safety, and we won’t leave safe havens for spores.
  • All Natural Cleanup : Don’t sacrifice your values in the face of an emergency. Our natural solutions work as hard as we do to purge bacteria and negate mold. The natural enzymes in our solution protect your home without jeopardizing your health. They offer you the best of both worlds: a clean, fresh-smelling home and peace of mind.