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Licensed • Bonded • Insured

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Exterior Cleaning

Green Genie Environmental is available 24/7 to restore the natural beauty of your exterior features and outdoor spaces. Call today at (716) 466-6653. Green Genie đź“Ť 575 Ludwig Ave Suite 200, Cheektowaga, NY 14227 |

If your house no longer looks like the beautiful home you first bought, it’s time for exterior cleaning. Green Genie Environmental is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to restore the natural beauty of your exterior features and outdoor spaces. Whether you need to remove mold from siding or clean up an old, stained deck, Green Genie Environmental is the better, safer option.

The outdoor features of your home are just as important as the rooms within. You deserve to have a house that reflects your housekeeping skills and represents the real value of your property. Exterior cleaning is about more than appearances, though. Stains, growths, and other eyesores could be evidence of ongoing damage. For instance, mold eats housing materials, and so do fungal grows such as mildew. When you schedule a cleaning for your porch, siding, roof, or other outdoor structures, you’re investing in the lifespan of your building materials. The right cleaning agents, like those Green Genie Environmental offers, won’t just strip away the damaging elements and stains. They will also restore the brilliance and color of the materials they clean.

Protect Your Home with Green Genie Environmental

Green Genie Environmental uses strictly natural and eco-friendly cleaning supplies to protect our customers. Our customers’ property is an extension of their wellbeing, and we respect the memories and financial investments behind everything we clean. It doesn’t matter if we’re cleaning stains from the roof that protects your entire home or scrubbing mold from the back deck that’s hosted every single one of your family cookouts. You can trust us with your property.

Unlike traditional cleaning techniques, our natural solutions don’t strip away paint, sealants, and layers of building materials. Our solution features enzymes that attack things like mold without destroying paint or blasting away the texture of your asphalt shingles. In many cases, our natural solution actually restores the original color and shine of aging materials.

Exterior Cleaning Services:

  • Siding Cleaning : Most homes feature bright, colorful siding, and it’s a critical part of the exterior design. However, over time, siding gathers stains. These come from freshly mown grass, insects, birds, mold, mildew, tree sap, and other natural hazards. They only get worse over time, and it doesn’t take long for siding to lose its original shade. Spots and stains make it all look worse. Green Genie Environmental’s natural solution offers a safe way to get rid of the stains without destroying the protective sealant and color that you chose so carefully.
  • Roof Cleaning : If you have moss, mold, or some ugly stains on your roof, it’s time to call Green Genie Environmental. Your roof protects your entire home, and a small problem above means a huge mess below. There is no such thing as a minor leak in your roof, and leaks come from aged, decaying materials. The moss, mold, and stains we mentioned earlier can actually age your roof faster. Shingles fall apart faster when mold is eating them, or moss is locking in moisture. The right cleaning solution won’t aggravate these problems. Green Genie Environmental’s gentle service will get rid of the problems and preserve your roof so you can keep the rest of your home or business safe and dry.
  • Deck Cleaning : Decks are easy to ignore when you aren’t actively using them, and many families emerge in the spring to discover a stained, unsightly space. Don’t make the mistake of reaching for the power washer, though. A power washer doesn’t just waste a lot of water; it also damages the wood you’re trying to clean. Raised grain is a classic symptom of scoured wood, and the only way to get rid of it is to sand down and weaken your entire deck. Green Genie Environmental’s cleaning solution is gentle enough to preserve wood and strong enough to eliminate mold.
  • Fence Cleaning : Fences are practical, but they’re also a tremendous example of your maintenance habits and your property’s value. Keeping a fence clean is time-consuming, and most DIY methods cause the most beautiful wooden fences to fall apart. Don’t subject your fence to regular power washing. Choose Green Genie Environmental instead. We will extend your fence’s life by removing stains without damaging the wood. Our solution may save you the cost of replacing your fence as soon as your neighbors so that you can use your home improvement budget to better use.
  • Mold Removal : It’s important to remove mold as soon as possible. It ruins the materials it grows on, and if it manages to get inside, it will create a serious health risk. Mold spreads quickly, and it’s difficult to stop once it moves beyond your exterior features. If you suspect a stain on your roof or a patch on your deck, contact Green Genie Environmental right away. We can remove it quickly without leaving poisonous residues on your favorite outdoor spaces.