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Licensed • Bonded • Insured

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Smoke Damage and Odor Removal

Even after a fire is extinguished, it can still damage your home or business. If you’ve suffered a recent fire, call Green Genie Environmental – your neighborhood restoration experts – to bring back the space you love. We’re available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and we usually arrive within an hour for initial inspections. Call us right away at (716) 466-6653 to get rid of pesky odors, smoke damage, and residual fire damage today.

Fires eat up memories and leave marks of the loss in your home. Green Genie Environmental can help erase those signs and help you recover your space from the flames. We offer expert services to help clean interiors and exteriors alike. Our safe, natural cleaning solution won’t damage your prized possessions, but our tools are tough enough to get the job done quickly. Our services include exterior cleaning for everything from wood and siding to roofs. Indoor options range from carpet and upholstery cleaning to professional odor removal.

If you still smell smoke in your home after a fire, there is probably hidden damage. The fumes you smell are also a health risk. Families with allergy or asthma sufferers face the greatest risks, but lingering traces of smoke are bad for everyone’s health. Anyone with small children or pets must be extremely careful about overexposing fragile respiratory systems to these lingering toxins. Although smoke will mostly clear on its own, pockets of dangerous gases may remain along with foul odors and the visual signs of the fire. These won’t go away on their own. Fortunately, there’s no need to live with the lingering smell of fire.

Green Genie Environmental uses all natural products to protect customers and the environment. Our customers’ health is our top priority. We want to restore your space so you and yours may enjoy it safely, without the risk of toxins from smoke or conventional cleaning products. You deserve fresh air and a truly clean space. That’s the power of Green Genie Environmental.

The Green Genie Environmental Advantage

Our certified technicians aren’t just friendly professionals. They’re neighbors dedicated to the well-being of your community. Every tool in Green Genie Environmental’s arsenal comes from safe, natural sources. We rely on the power of natural, rather than toxic, solvents. We will never bring hazardous materials into your home because our dedication to customers begins with our business practices.

We believe that eco-friendly solutions aren’t just better for the planet; we believe they’re better for our customers, too. Curious kids and pets have a habit of finding things they shouldn’t. When other contractors leave toxic chemical residue in the carpet, on walls, or in furniture after cleaning, it’s easy for the most vulnerable members of your household to get a taste of poison. At the very least, these methods leave harsh smells, and they often damage the materials they are meant to clean. Green Genie Environmental’s tools aren’t just effective. They are some of the gentlest solutions available for this type of cleaning.

Our name is more than just a catchy title. The methods and materials we employ leave less of a footprint and do more to protect the environment. Many of our techniques waste less water than competitors who use power washers to get the job done. We use low moisture carpet cleaning techniques, and we never use solvents in a customer’s home. This leaves your environment fresh and clean without polluting wastewater with poisons or using up an excess of potable water. Customers can rest easy in clean, safe homes without the smell or signs of smoke or concern about what chemicals are hiding in the carpet.

Smoke Damage And Odor Removal Services:

  • Carpet, Upholstery, And Fabric Cleaning : Even if fire never reached the space you need to clean, the smoke alone can leave terrible marks on just about every part of the home. Carpets, drapes, and even upholstered furniture may become a hiding place for terrible odors and lingering gases that may harm the health and happiness of your home’s residents. It’s impossible to toss a couch into the washing machine, and features like carpets are permanent installations. Green Genie Environmental is ready with low moisture cleaning techniques to get the filth and smell out of your hard-to-wash soft goods. We’ll remove all traces of smoke and restore the original beauty of your furniture and textiles.
  • Siding, Deck, Roof, And Exterior Cleaning : A fire can leave serious damage to the exterior of your home. You may have to replace less than you expected, however. Smoke stains mask the difference between what is damaged and what is salvageable. Even though you can probably keep more of your home’s exterior than you expected, it’s important to choose the right cleaning method if you want to keep it. Most exterior cleaning methods involve power washers, which is a great way to erode siding, wear away wood, and shorten the life of these features. Green Genie Environmental offers a better way to clean. Our natural cleaning solutions don’t strip the paint along with the filth, preserving your home. Don’t lose materials to poor cleaning techniques in addition to the damage from the fire itself.
  • Odor Removal : Green Genie Environmental wants to restore fresh air to your space. We won’t try to cover smoke odors with chemical scents. Our techniques evacuate lingering pockets of noxious gases and introduce fresh air into your space. Paired with our thorough fabric cleaning techniques, we leave no hiding place for the filth and gases that carry smoke.
  • Water Removal : If you’ve suffered extensive fire damage, then you’ll probably have water damage in addition to smoke damage as a result of fire suppression measures. It’s just as important to clean up the water as it is to erase remaining smoke stains. Green Genie Environmental technicians are trained to handle an array of emergency cleanup services, and we’re prepared to dry out your space in tandem with smoke damage cleaning and odor removal. We’re ready to help restore your home.