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Licensed • Bonded • Insured

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Burst Pipes

A burst pipe created an unwanted lake in your home or business? Green Genie Environmental offers quick, concise service. We’re available 24/7. Green Genie 📍 575 Ludwig Ave Suite 200, Cheektowaga, NY 14227 |

Has a burst pipe created an unwanted lake in your home or business? Green Genie Environmental offers quick, concise service. We’re available 24/7, and we usually arrive to review the situation within an hour.

There’s no good time for a burst pipe. Nothing interrupts a busy day like a sudden rush of water in a living or workspace. Cleanup is frustrating, and it’s almost impossible to dry out all the affected areas without professional equipment. Although kitchen and bathroom leaks are common, many pipes burst behind drywall, especially along outer walls. This kindof damage iseven morecomplicated tocleanup. Then, when temperatures drop, your risk grows. Green Genie Environmental can’t predict when a pipe will burst, but we can clean up the flood and restore your space, so it seems like it never happened. We’re happy to take this stress out of your life, and we only use solutions that make you feel good about our service.

Sudden floods from burst pipes often cause a lot more damage than you may realize. Don’t give in to the temptation to just turn on a fan and mop up the worst of the water on your own. You’re only cleaning part of the mess, and you’re leaving moisture in the most vulnerable parts of your space. We at Green Genie Environmental don’t just get rid of standing water. We make sure you don’t suffer any of the long-term consequences of a flood, such as mold, mildew, and bacterial growths.

Why Call Green Genie Environmental?

At Green Genie Environmental, our customers are our priority. We understand that your space is important, and we respect the role it plays in your life. For this reason, our technicians only use safe, natural solutions that won’t trade health and safety for easy sterilization. The natural enzymes in our unique antibacterial solution handle everything from germs to mold. Whatever damage a burst pipe leaves, we are happy to fix, and you don’t have to worry about the consequences of our tools and solutions. The only things Green Genie Environmental leaves behind are happy, safe customers.

We are certified water restoration techs, so we offer more than just water removal. We fully restore your space so you can get on with your life without the scars of a flood in your home or business. Risk assessment and proactive measures to prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria provide our customers with peace of mind. Our expert services leave nothing to chance and remove the burden of concern about what hazards remain.We use no harsh chemicals or dangerous treatments, only eco-friendly, all-natural solutions that take care of your problem the first time.

Burst Pipe Cleanup Services:

  • Certified Applied Structural Drying : Due to the release of pressure when a pipe bursts, water goes everywhere. The longer the flood goes undetected, the farther the water will spread. Sometimes, cleanup services have to cut through relatively undamaged sections of walling and flooring just to reach inaccessible damp patches or small pools of standing water between walls or floors. Although tear-out is unavoidable in some cases, Green Genie Environmental uses the certified Applied Structural Drying technique to ensure those instances happen as rarely as possible. We want customers to keep as much of their original space as possible, which means going the extra step to dry out absolutely everything water from a burst pipe reaches. By reducing tear-out, Green Genie Environmental also reduces cleanup time, repair costs, and stress.
  • Mold Assessment And Remediation : Any wet material is a perfect home for mold. All this menace needs to thrive is a food source and a little moisture. Since essentially every major building material is food for mold, an ambitious spore can use a burst pipe to grow just about anywhere. The increased moisture in the air means that even surfaces not directly touched by flood waters can still host dangerous varieties of mold. We believe no home or business, no matter how spacious, has room for mold. The first and most important step to prevent growths includes thoroughly drying all the materials, furniture, and air in a home with a burst pipe. Then our unique, all-natural cleaning solution protects vulnerable surfaces.
  • Safe, Natural Cleaning : Don’t let panic blind you to the consequences of harsh, toxic cleaning methods. Green Genie Environmental can help you clean and dry your space after a pipe bursts without adding hidden dangers. We believe that the best way to clean is also the natural way. Our unique antibacterial solution proves that cleaning supplies can be tough on stains, filth, and microbial threats while being gentle on people, pets, and possessions.
  • Dedication To Our Customers : Green Genie Environmental works quickly to take care of everyday emergencies like burst pipes quickly. However, we don’t stop working until our customers are satisfied. We want to help you get back to your life quickly. If you can forget an incident ever happened, then we’ve done our job well. Everything we do, from the supplies we use to the services we deliver, are tailored to our customers’ safety and satisfaction.