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Licensed • Bonded • Insured

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Flood Damage Restoration

Green Genie is the BEST in Flood Damage Restoration Services from Mold to Water Damage. Proudly serving Buffalo, Niagara Falls and West, NY Green Genie 📍 575 Ludwig Ave Suite 200, Cheektowaga, NY 14227 |

Don’t wait to get help after a flood! Call Green Genie right now at (716) 466-6653 to begin Flood Damage restoration today. A flood is one of the most dangerous natural disasters and every home or business owner’s worst nightmare. The longer you wait until you bring in mitigation and flood and water damage restoration experts, the more damage your space will suffer. Floodwater is rarely pure and palatable. These murky pools hold filth of all kinds, including dangerous bacteria and staining sediments. Even worse, however, are the long-term effects of ignored flood water.

Even if floodwater only fills part of your unfinished basement, the truth of the matter is, problems are spreading. No unfinished basement is truly airtight, and all that water is slowly saturating the air. As that air moves through your home or building, it carries the dangers in the water itself. It also invites dangerous, disease-carrying insects into your home or business, such as mosquitoes and various kinds of larvae. The damp air also encourages one of the worst lingering issues brought by flooding: mold.

Mold isn’t limited to the specific area that suffered flooding. It travels through vents and ducts, and spores travel wherever air moves. Standing flood water allows mold to dominate not only the dark crevices of the flooded space, but also spaces between walls, upholstered furniture, and even carpet in other regions of your building or home. Flood damage restoration aims to prevent as many of these secondary issues as possible. Green Genie Environmental takes extra steps to defend against issues like mold and bacteria without causing additional structural damage in the mitigation process. Best of all, we do all of this with eco-friendly products that you can feel safe to use in your home, school, or office.

The Green Genie Environmental Difference

Green Genie Environmental isn’t like other flood damage restoration services. Everything we do comes from a deep concern for our customers’ health and safety. Although the cheapest, most popular cleaning products often leave toxic residues or poison the air in residential spaces, we only use safe, natural solutions that are USDA approved. There’s no need to wait after Green Genie Environmental cleans your space for dangerous fumes or lingering poisons to dissipate. Cleaning materials used are safe for children, pets, and even delicate plants. The products and techniques allow customers to focus on the important things, like getting back to their lives after a flood.

Our all-natural solutions are environmentally friendly and they do not carry the same risks as conventional cleaning solvents. You no longer need to fear for the color and durability of your home and possessions when restoration experts bring out their cleaning kits. We do not use power washers, which often damage delicate indoor surfaces. We don’t even use power washers for exterior cleanup. Our natural solutions are powerful enough to work on their own. Like all of our techniques, our cleaning solutions come with fewer risks and less chance of additional damages than conventional cleaning supplies and techniques.

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Flood Damage Restoration Services:

  • Mold, Mildew, And Bacteria Mitigation : Mold, mildew, and bacteria all thrive in wet, humid environments, like those created in buildings by flood damage. The longer the water and moisture linger, the more these threats will grow. Unlike the water itself, which is largely visible to the naked eye, these problems hide the bulk of their mass inside walls, under carpets, and even within furniture. Anywhere mold and mildew have access to both moisture and “food,” they are likely to grow. Since most common building materials serve as “food,” mold and mildew spread unbelievably quickly in the wake of a flood. Restoration experts treat any surface that may host mold, mildew, or bacteria to prevent them from spreading. The cleaning solutions most competitors use, however, include toxins. All of Green Genie Environmental supplies are safe and natural. Since so many surfaces need treatment, Green Genie Environmental eco-friendly cleaning solutions are especially important after a flood.
  • Rapid Drying : Green Genie Environmental wants you to keep as much of your property intact as possible after a flood. So, our drying techniques aim to not only remove visible water but to also rapidly dry at-risk areas and items, including spaces between walls and saturated carpets. Customers with finished basements have the most to gain from our services. We only tear out walls, carpets, and other materials as a last resort. More often, our certified Applied Structural Drying Technique saves your space. Once the flooded area is dry, our cleaning solutions come into play. Since these do not strip color, raise wood grain, or leave toxic chemicals in the carpet where your children play, you can recover far more of your finished basement than you ever thought possible.
  • Exterior Cleaning : Flooding isn’t limited to wreaking havoc indoors. Flood waters bring even more filth to coat and stain the exterior of homes and businesses. Rather than simply replacing unsightly exterior materials, Green Genie Environmental restores them to their original glory. Power washing destroys wood, siding, and roofing materials, so we never use that technique. Instead, we mist a gentle, natural solution that protects the original materials while cleaning away storm damage. Like everything we use indoors, our outdoor solution is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable. It’s a better way to clean your house without damaging your building materials or your environment.