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Licensed • Bonded • Insured

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Carpet Cleaning

Are your carpets looking dingy? Has a fire or flood left stains and debris? Green Genie Environmental can bring back the original look and texture of your carpets. We are your local, friendly professionals. Our natural cleaning solutions will restore your space safely so you can get back to living your life without worrying about what toxins are hiding under your feet. Call us today! Green Genie Environmental’s technicians are ready twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Don’t wait for clean floors!

Carpets offer comfort and warmth for homes and businesses. Unfortunately, every step adds dirt and stains. The science behind plushy carpet is also the science behind dirty carpet. The puffy fibers that feel so nice to walk on snag and hold most filth they come in contact with. Whatever you track in on your shoes stays in your carpet. Dead skin piles up and lures tiny pests. Although regular vacuuming always helps, nothing can stop the slow accumulation of dirt and debris.

Keeping your carpets clean is critical for health and wellness. Dust hides in the fibers, triggering allergies and attracting pests. After flooding, carpet offers mold a perfect place to hide and lingering smoke seeps into the soft fibers. These situations lead to respiratory problems and other health issues. Only a deep, professional cleaning can remove these hazards. Unfortunately, not all cleaning procedures really clean your carpet. Some replace one hazard with another. Green Genie Environmental is different.

The Green Genie Environmental Difference

Green Genie Environmental isn’t like other cleaning companies. Everything we do stems from our dedication to customer health and safety. Most carpet cleaning techniques aren’t very safe, especially for families who like to sit on the floor, for people with small children, or for households with free-roaming pets. This is because most carpet cleaning companies use harsh chemicals to strip hazards from your carpet. Those chemicals leave a residue in your carpet that’s extremely difficult to remove. Keep in mind that shampooing a carpet is very different from washing clothes or tossing a throw rug in the wash. It usually holds more dirt, and that dirt is harder to reach. Harsh chemicals aren’t the solution, however.

Green Genie Environmental uses strictly natural solutions. Our low-moisture carpet cleaning technique pulls out dirt without trading it for chemical residue. The technique works for regular cleanings, in addition to restoration services. It doesn’t matter how your carpet gets dirty. We’re ready to tackle the problem with safe, natural solutions you can feel good about. You’ll never have to think twice about setting down a baby or letting your pet loose after Green Genie Environmental comes to clean.

Carpet Cleaning Services:

  • Safer Carpet Cleaning : Many professional cleaners leave carpet crunchy. This isn’t the natural state of your carpet, and no one really wants a crunchy carpet. This phenomenon gets even worse when you realize why carpet becomes so stiff immediately after cleaning. The truth is that it isn’t clean at all. Hard chemical residue coats the soft fibers in your carpet, creating that awful sensation. Those chemicals are not safe for consumption, and they’re strong enough to create a noticeable smell in the freshly cleaned space. While this is an inconvenience for most people, it’s a hazard for families with vulnerable pets and children. Babies chew everything, including carpets. Since they face higher health risks from ingesting minor doses of toxins, parents have to be especially vigilant around young children and freshly cleaned carpet. The same is true for pets, which happily lick, smell, and investigate anything new. Green Genie Environmental won’t leave poisons in your carpet. We get rid of the dirt and leave nothing but clean carpet behind.
  • Water Damage Restoration : Even a small flood is disastrous for carpets. The water carries dirt and bacteria into the carpet and padding where hazards are free to grow and threaten your health. If your dirty carpet is left with water and filth for very long at all, mold will find a place to grow. Once mold begins to spread, it’s challenging to remove. Prompt carpet cleaning is essential to prevent this issue. The best cleaning techniques won’t add to your water problem, either. Green Genie Environmental’s low-moisture carpet cleaning technique gets rid of the dirt and doesn’t add to the water.
  • Smoke Damage Restoration : It’s hard to get rid of smoke damage. The smell lingers, and bits of ash carried by the smoke hide in fibrous materials. Carpet is a favorite hiding place for noxious, smoky particles and harmful residue from fires. Fire is bad enough without the lingering scars and reminders that cling to your home. Green Genie Environmental gets rid of these issues quickly and efficiently. We won’t mask smoke odors. We offer smoke odor removal, and carpet cleaning is a critical part of that service. You get your space back, and the smoke damage disappears.