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Places Mold Can Be Growing In Your Business

Mold removal for your business

Mold removal for your business

If the growth of mold gets bad enough in your place of business, the building may shut down due to health issues affecting you and other employees. Because of these health issues and the negative impact on your business, it is crucial to make sure mold is prevented. When conditions are more humid, mold can thrive and grow more readily. However, the mold can be prevented through regular maintenance of your commercial building. If mold is an issue for your business, call Green Genie Environmental today. Here are some of the most common places mold can grow in your building.

Check The Roof 

For some commercial buildings, mold can grow on the roof. Rain, cracks, or damage can cause mold to get inside the building. This is how mold spreads even further. It is essential to check these areas. Thoroughly inspect the building’s attic or top floor to ensure the mold has not made its way in. 

Inspect All Seals 

After checking the roof, you may notice that there are cracks or leaks. Any water that seeps into the building from these cracks will cause water damage and mold issues. Other areas where mold can grow are the lounges or commercial kitchens. Check under sinks and behind appliances that emit steam or heat. Mold could be growing in these small confined spaces. Thorough cleaning and drying can reduce the chance of mold growth in these spaces of your commercial building. Also, check bathrooms for mold or water damage from leaky pipes or toilets. Maintenance or cleaning staff may not realize that the water on the ground is actually from a leak. Be sure to check all bathroom appliances. 

Maintain Your HVAC System 

Finally, your commercial HVAC system can be the most significant breeding ground for mold growth. It is vital to keep your systems maintained and working correctly. As moisture builds up inside the systems, it then expels mold into the building’s air through all vents where the air travels. This can be especially harmful to your own and your employees’ health. Mold can cause significant respiratory issues, nausea, headaches, and joint pain. That sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Protect your employees from decay, and make sure to schedule regular maintenance on your HVAC systems.

Additionally, you should clean out vents and replace the filters as stated on the packaging. This is an item that often gets forgotten. Built-up dust and lint will prevent the air from flowing correctly. Moisture will begin to condensate on the HVAC system, which causes mold to grow inside the system. Mildew can ruin the entire system. Changing the filters and maintaining the system can save you thousands down the road. 

Call In The Professionals For Mold Removal

If your place of business has a mold issue, make sure to contact the team at Green Genie Environmental. Our expert team has the proper equipment and expertise to treat any commercial mold issue. We are specifically trained in the mold removal process. Give us a call today for a quote.

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