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How To Clean Up After Flood Damage

Flood waters can wreck your property in minutes.
Flood waters can wreck your property in minutes.
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Flood damage can turn your home from a quiet, relaxing place to a disaster zone in minutes. While you can take a few measures to be prepared for dangerous floodwaters, nothing can stop the waters from causing flood damage to your home. However, after flood damage, you can take the proper steps to restore your home as quickly as possible and to ensure your family’s safety. Green Genie Environmental is here to help with flood damage experts dedicated to restoring your home in an eco-friendly way.

Roll Call

First, make sure everyone in your household, including your furry friends, is safe. If someone is unaccounted for, make sure to locate them as soon as possible and call authorities if you can’t find them. This is also an excellent time to check to make sure others in your neighborhood are safe. Help those in need and band together on the initial cleanup. 

Safely Assess the Damage

The next step after a flood is to safely assess the damage to your home. If it is not safe to do so on your own, leave it to a professional. You should never enter floodwater where electrical wiring may be exposed to water or contaminated sites. If – and only if – it is safe to do, you should create a list cataloging the damage to your home and lost personal belongings. Taking photographs is also a wise idea to help document the extent of your home’s property damage. Follow this up by immediately calling your homeowner’s insurance company to escalate the process of returning your home to normal quickly. 

Flood Damage Risks

Flood damage can be particularly concerning since it carries a series of health risks for homeowners. Floodwaters sweep through homes, streets, sewer systems, and backyards. They bring animals, insects, sewage waste, trash, and a whole disgusting stew of deadly bacteria and sediments. 

The longer you wait to have your floodwater damage problem fixed, the worse the problem will become. These waters spread quickly and become a catalyst for several other issues, including mold growth, structural damage, and electrical malfunctions. 

Go Green! 

At Green Genie Environmental, we tackle all your flood water cleanup problems with eco-friendly solutions. We can help with mold, mildew, and bacteria mitigation, and we use a rapid drying method to quickly dry out your home’s interior. Green Genie Environmental offers exterior cleaning services to help clean up flood damage outside your home. We only use USDA-approved natural cleaning solutions, because we believe your home should be clean and safe for your family. All of our cleaning materials are safe for children, pets, and plants, and will not leave harmful toxins on your personal belongings or home surfaces. 

Contact Green Genie Environmental

Dangerous floodwaters can ruin your property quickly, but Green Genie Environmental also acts rapidly. Unfortunately, nothing can stop the power of floodwater completely, but when this happens, we are here to help. Green Genie Environmental Services is ready to help 24/7, and we respond to most cases within the hour by phone at 716-466-6653. Our promise to clients is to never compromise their family’s health by using complex chemicals and pollutants. We clean your home efficiently with only eco-friendly solutions. 


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