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How to Handle Water Damage in Western New York

water damage

water damage

Finding water damage in your basement or ceiling is one of the most dreaded problems for homeowners. If you lived in New York in the fall of 2012, you might have vivid memories of the havoc Superstorm Sandy caused. However, it doesn’t take a major hurricane to bring water damage to your home—even a relatively small amount of water can be destructive.

Water damage can be a big headache. It can even cause dangerous mold to begin to grow in your home. Call a professional at Green Genie today for all your water damage problems.

Locate the Source of Water Damage

When you spot water damage or leaking, it is essential to locate the damage source to stop further damage from happening inside your home without your knowledge. Before you begin to manage the water that you can see, you must find the source. Depending on the damage, this might require the help of an expert.

Remove Standing Water

After you have located the source, it is time to get out the wet vac, mop, or whatever you have to begin cleaning up the standing water in your home. Whether it is running or standing, water in your home can cause significant damage to the walls and floor. It can even seep through into places that will be hard to clean. It can also cause mold to grow, which can be harmful to your health.

If the water damage occurs on the second or third floor, it can be more damaging than if it appeared in the basement.

Limit Further Damage

It is essential to move fast when it comes to water damage. The longer it sits, the worse it gets for your walls, floors, and furnishings. You might want to remove the furniture and other fixtures that could be affected by water damage. If you live in an apartment, it might be best to call a professional immediately to make sure water is not spreading and seeping into the lower floors.

If your furniture has gotten wet and cannot be moved out of the home, consider placing it on foam blocks to allow airflow underneath. This will help dry out the furniture and allow you access to the floor beneath it. Depending on how your insurance policy is written, you should make every attempt to mitigate the damage and prevent further damage. Make sure to take lots of photos and act fast.

It can take several weeks for the floors to dry out completely and for you to see the damage’s full extent. More significant issues and mold growth starts behind the walls, so it is crucial to hire a professional who has the tools and know-how to make sure your home is fully inspected and taken care of after water damage.

The experts at Green Genie understand all aspects of the water damage process and are available to help you get through this stressful time. We are a trusted company for Western New Yorkers regarding water damage clean-up, water damage restoration, and mold remediation.

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