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A Guide to Filing a Water Damage Claim With Your Homeowners Insurance in Buffalo, NY

a guide to homeowners insurance claim for water damage in Buffalo NY

Buffalo NY Water Damage Claim Tips

Water damage claims are among the most popular among home insurance policies, especially in Buffalo, NY. However, they can often be challenging to file. As a water damage restoration company located in Cheektowaga, NY, Green Genie is here to help you navigate the process of filing a water damage claim in the Buffalo area.

Contact Your Insurance Company

The first step in filing a water damage claim is to contact your insurance provider as soon as possible. Photos and evidence should be readily available so they can accurately assess the damage. In the Buffalo area, it’s important to be aware of the unique weather conditions that can lead to water damage, such as heavy snow and sudden temperature changes.

Once you’ve contacted your insurance provider, they will schedule a meeting with an adjuster to assess the damages. It’s crucial to keep a detailed record of your interactions with adjusters and to gather all necessary documentation, such as receipts for temporary repairs.

Remember, not all types of water damage are covered under your homeowner’s policy. In Buffalo, you may need additional coverage for flood water damage due to the region’s susceptibility to flooding.

Document the Damage

When you experience water damage in Buffalo, it’s essential to document all damages immediately. Photographing or videotaping the damage and keeping an updated home inventory can greatly assist your insurance provider in processing your claim.

In the Buffalo area, leaky appliances and bursted pipes are common causes of water damage. Keep records of when and how long the appliance has been leaking, as this will help your insurance provider determine whether the damage is covered under your policy.

Schedule an Inspection

Water damage claims are common in Buffalo due to the area’s weather conditions. Having a professional inspection can help detect hidden water damage and provide you with an accurate estimate for repairs.

Professional inspectors in Buffalo can use infrared cameras to spot hidden water damage that might not be visible to the naked eye. By catching these issues early, you can save thousands in potential repairs.

Make a Claim For The Water Damage

In Buffalo, it’s crucial to file your water damage claim quickly to avoid any delays in receiving funds for repairs. If the water damage resulted from negligence, such as not addressing plumbing issues, your insurance company might deny your claim.
Mold growth is a common concern in Buffalo due to the humid climate, and it can lead to costly repairs and health issues. Prompt action is necessary to prevent further damage and potential health problems.

Remember, mold can also impact your insurance rates. Many insurance companies in Buffalo use a database called Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE) to determine your policy rates.

To ensure a successful claim, gather all necessary documentation and consider hiring a public adjuster to negotiate with insurers on your behalf. Stay in contact with your insurance provider throughout the process to ensure everything is handled efficiently.

As a water damage restoration company serving Buffalo, NY, Green Genie is dedicated to helping homeowners in the area recover from water damage. Follow these steps to file a water damage claim, and don’t hesitate to contact Green Genie for assistance with water damage restoration in the Buffalo area.


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Don’t let water damage derail your life in Buffalo, NY. Take action now by following the steps outlined in this guide to file a water damage claim with your homeowner’s insurance. And remember, Green Genie is here to help you restore your home to its pre-damage condition. Contact us today for expert water damage restoration services in the Buffalo area. Let our experienced team guide you through the recovery process and provide the assistance you need to put this challenging experience behind you. Call Green Genie now at (716) 466-6653 today or contact us on our website to schedule your consultation and get your home back on track.


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