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Common Damage Caused by an Unexpected Water Leak

Photo by T K on Unsplash
Photo by T K on Unsplash
An unexpected water leak can cause damage to your home and wallet. If you suffer water damage, call a water damage restoration professional today.

Water leaks are always unexpected. However, you may be surprised by the types of damage they cause. If your home recently suffered a water leak, you need to be aware of the possible damage it can cause your wallet, home, and everything in your space. When the unexpected happens, remember that a water damage restoration company like Green Genie can help.

1. Mold and Mildew Damage

Mold and mildew are one of the most common types of damage resulting from a water leak. However, you might not realize you have mold until it’s too late. Mold damage is often hidden underneath floorboards, on ceiling tiles, and behind walls. This is because those spots are where water damage is most likely to occur. If you notice mold inside your home, it can cause serious health problems, which leads us to our second point…

2. Damage to Your Health

Mold can develop in as little as 24 hours after water exposure. When it grows, it can worsen respiratory conditions such as lung cancer and asthma. Furthermore, mold growth can also trigger allergies and cause difficulty sleeping and concentrating. Mold also causes anxiety and depression. 

If you or anyone in your household is routinely getting sick or unusually tired or unfocused, it may be a sign of a mold infestation. 

3. Financial Damages

You might not realize you have a water leak until you look at your water bill. A slow water leak will cause your water bill to skyrocket. A water leak may also cause your other utility bills to increase, since water damage caused by a roof leak may damage your insulation and force you to keep the heat on. 

While it’s not the traditional damage you might think of, a water leak can cause a lot of damage to your wallet and cost you expensive out-of-pocket repairs. 

4. Structural Damage

An unexpected water leak can cause your home to suffer structural damage. This can damage your electrical systems, rafters, and ceiling joists. Water damage can also cause damage to your drywall that requires it to be completely gutted and replaced.

5. Ceiling Damage

If water got into your home through a hole in your ceiling or roof leak, you should be on the lookout for ceiling damage. A roof water leak can ruin your lights and ceiling fans, as well as damage tile. It can also cause ceiling tiles to collapse, which could create serious damage to your home and yourself. 

Did Your Home Suffer Water Damage? Call Green Genie Environmental for Help!

You never expect a water leak to occur. When it does, you need a professional you can rely on. Green Genie Environmental only uses eco-friendly methods of treating water damage and getting your home back to normal. If you’ve encountered an unexpected water leak, call the water damage restoration professionals at Green Genie Environmental for assistance. We can be reached at (716) 466-6653. 


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