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Closet Water Damage: 4 Reasons Why You Need Water Restoration Help Right Away!

Closet water leaks can result in structural damage, which is why you need to call a water damage restoration professional as soon as possible.
Closet water leaks can result in structural damage, which is why you need to call a water damage restoration professional as soon as possible.
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In many cases, you don’t catch closet water damage until it’s too late. Closet water leaks aren’t caused by a leak in the closet themselves. They are most often the result of pipe damage behind the walls or a water leak in an adjoining room such as your kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom. Unfortunately, when you don’t notice a closet water leak in time, mold grows quickly due to the low visibility and humidity. This is just one reason you need a water damage restoration professional to come out. Here are some others. 

1. Mold Damage

Though we mentioned it earlier, mold growth is one of the main reasons you should hire a water restoration company if your closet suffered water damage. Mold is a type of fungal bacteria that grows when it’s exposed to water and rising levels of humidity. Unfortunately, your closet is the perfect place for this since it doesn’t get adequate circulation. 

If your closet is infected with mold, your clothes can develop a mildewed smell that makes them unwearable. Furthermore, mold spores can trigger allergies and cause respiratory conditions, such as lung cancer and asthma, to get worse. If you discover mold, you need to call a water damage restoration company as soon as possible. 

2. Structural Damage

Both water and mold can cause structural damage to your home, especially your closet. Water can cause structural damage to the interior of your closet by damaging the walls, insulation, and drywall. Likewise, mold can eat away at wallpaper and your closet’s carpets. 

Because you’re probably not inspecting every inch of your closet regularly, it can be easy to let these problems get worse without realizing it. A water damage restoration company can remove the water from your closet and properly disinfect these areas to make sure all the excess moisture is removed. Just remember: if you notice bubbling wallpaper, streaks, or a foul, musty odor inside your closet, it may be a sign of a water leak. 

3. The Leak is in a Hard-to-Reach Area

Not every water leak is out in the open. Sometimes, they’re in really difficult-to-reach spots like your bedroom or hallway closet. Fortunately, professionals have the proper tools to treat water damage in tight spaces, such as your closet. This lowers the risk of accidentally missing a spot if you clean it yourself. 

4. Insufficient Equipment

Sometimes, you might not have the right equipment at home to properly deal with and treat water damage. If this is the case, hiring a water restoration professional is necessary. Water restoration professionals have dehumidifiers, strong disinfectants, and pressure cleaners to resolve the issue. 

Contact Green Genie Environmental for All Your Water Damage Restoration Needs

If you recently discovered mold or water damage inside your closet, call the water damage restoration pros at Green Genie Environmental for help. We only use eco-friendly methods of water damage removal. Get in touch with us at (716) 466-6653. 

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