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The Benefits Of Regular Deck Cleaning

Deck Cleaning photo by jjohnl on Pixabay
photo by jjohnl on Pixabay

When you first had your decks installed, it was beautiful and added value to your home. It is a place where you host guests and relax after a long day at work. Over time the elements take a toll on your deck and change its appearance if you do not get regular maintenance. Deck cleaning is an easy way to not only keep your deck looking beautiful, but it protects and makes your deck safe. Here are some benefits to having a regular deck cleaning.


Maintains its Beauty

Deck cleaning restores your deck back to the beauty it once had. Your deck lives outdoors, leaving it exposed to the elements of nature that begin to eat away at the wood surface. For example, constant exposure to the sun will start to turn your deck a greyish color. A regular deck cleaning protects your deck from the harmful elements.


Maintains a Safe Deck

Rain is not a friend to your deck as it tries to penetrate the wood surface. The constant penetration from rain can lead to algae, mold, and mildew. If left unattended, the algae, mold, and mildew start to spread quickly. These things not only leave your deck a green color, but it leaves your deck unsafe. The mold and mildew build up to make your deck a slipping hazard if not treated. However, with a regular deck cleaning, you clear away and treat the algae, mold, and mildew. It makes your deck a safe place once again.


Better Health

The same mold and mildew that makes your deck a slipping hazard is also responsible for making your deck a health hazard. It is no surprise that mold and mildew growth can lead to health issues for you and your family.  Scheduled deck cleanings not only protects your family’s health, but it also protects the environment.  


Longer Lifespan

Just like all things that make up your house, your deck has a  lifespan. As mentioned before, your deck is exposed to all the elements of nature because it resides outside your home. For this reason, the breakdown process happens more quickly. A regular deck cleaning will expand the life by treating and taking away the elements that start to break down the wood surface.


Increases Property Value

One of the reasons you got a deck was to increase your property value. A deck is a great way to add curb appeal to your property and drive up its value. However, if you don’t perform regular maintenance and take care of it, the opposite occurs, and your property value decreases. Most people don’t want to buy a home that has a deck that requires a lot of work to restore it to its original beauty. Regular cleaning and maintenance make your deck look brand new and ensures the property value won’t drop.


Green Cleaning: The Best Way to Clean Your Deck

Even though mother nature’s elements are harsh on our deck, it does not mean we should put chemicals into the environment.  Green cleaning is a safe way to treat your decks and not damage the environment and your family’s health.

You may be thinking to save money you will just clean your deck yourself.  While this might seem like the most cost-effective way, it is not best. Hiring an expert in deck maintenance ensures proper treatment and cleaning. In the end, you reap all the benefits. Hire the professionals from Green Genie and restore your deck back to its original beauty.


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