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Benefits of Eco Mold Removal

One of the benefits of eco mold removal is that it lowers your exposure to harmful chemicals.
One of the benefits of eco mold removal is that it lowers your exposure to harmful chemicals.
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Mold is a common household nuisance. It ruins your wood, stains your walls, and causes respiratory issues. However, many household cleaners designed to treat mold have just as many chemicals that can make you sick. That’s why an increasing number of people are moving toward eco mold removal as a healthier and safer alternative. 

What is Eco Mold Removal? 

Eco mold removal is the process of removing and disinfecting areas contaminated with mold without using harsh chemicals. Instead of using traditional household cleaners, which contain approximately 60 different toxic chemicals, eco mold removal turns to eco-friendly methods of mold removal that utilize natural enzymes that break down mold at the source instead of breaking down your home’s structures.  

Benefits of Eco Mold Removal 

There are several benefits of eco mold removal. These include: 

1. Safer for Pets

If you’re a pet owner, your pet’s health is paramount. Unfortunately, many household cleaners can be toxic to your dog or cat if accidentally ingested. Oftentimes, household cleaners leave a residue on your floor’s surface, making it easy for your pet to step in. When they do, they can accidentally ingest the harmful chemicals when they lick their paws. Since eco mold removal doesn’t use harmful chemicals, it’s safer for your pets.

2. Won’t Destroy Your Home Like Traditional Mold Cleaners 

Mold will eventually eat away at your home’s structures. Household cleaners can further warp your wooden floors when used to try to remove mold. This leads to a host of unnecessary expenses that you wouldn’t encounter if you hired a professional eco mold removal specialist. 

3. Reduces Exposure to Chemicals

As mentioned above, many common household cleaners contain harmful chemicals that can put homeowners at risk of developing several serious illnesses and conditions such as: 

  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Reproductive issues
  • Common allergies

Even though many traditional cleaning products are meant to keep our homes shiny and clean, they can have many adverse effects that simply aren’t worth the risk. Eco mold removal removes these harmful chemicals so you’re only working with natural sources of eco mold removal such as vinegar, which kills mold spores at the source. 

Do You Have Mold? Contact Green Genie Environmental For Eco Mold Removal Services

No one wants to find mold in their home. It can trigger allergies and damage not only the integrity of your home’s structures but your health as well. So why opt for traditional harmful cleaners that are not only toxic to your health but difficult to breathe? Eco mold removal from Green Genie Environmental gets rid of mold safely and effectively. Contact us at (716) 466-6653 to schedule an eco mold removal appointment today. 

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