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3 Ways You Can Prevent Sewage Backup In Your Home

Sewage Backup is a dangerous problem that can be mitigated.
Sewage Backup is a dangerous problem that can be mitigated.
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Sewage backup is one thing no homeowner ever wants to deal with. It is essential to take precautions to protect your home from this smelly problem. Sewage backup can be particularly dangerous and damaging. The amount of water backed up can cause serious trouble to floors and belongings on its own.  It can also add to the risk of spreading diseases and growing harmful mold spores within the confines of your living quarters.

Green Genie offers 24/7, eco-friendly clean-up for sewage backup, including water removal, reduced tear-out, and mold remediation. All services use eco-friendly and natural solutions, proven to remove harmful bacteria without putting you at further risk. 

However, it is best to avoid sewage backup in the first place. There are many things you can do to protect your home from this hidden danger. Several factors can contribute to backup: for example, tree roots entering sewer lines, high levels of rainfall within a short period, and blockages inside a building’s plumbing system. Here are three things you can do to prevent sewage backup in your home. 

Be Careful of What You Flush & Rinse

One of the most common contributors to a sewage backup is the improper disposal of items in the sink and toilet. Not everything can be flushed or washed down the drain safely. For instance, you should never dump cooking oil or grease down the drain; this can solidify in the pipes and become a catalyst for backup. Similarly, diapers, feminine hygiene products, facial tissues, and other paper products not designed to be flushed can easily create blockage in pipes. Always make sure to dispose of all items properly to avoid unnecessary clogs. 

Cut Tree Roots 

You should also regularly cut tree roots that are close to active sewage systems. Tree roots can grow into and around sewage lines damaging the system. If you have had recurring problems with this in the past, you should not overlook this harmful factor. 

Install a Backwater Valve

Finally, it is always good to have a safety net such as a backwater valve installed. The purpose of this valve is to keep any sewage from flowing into your basement should the primary sewer system begin to back up. You will still be able to operate sinks and toilets as usual, but the switch will not allow further water to flow back into your home. 

Green Genie Can Help If You’re Facing Sewage Backup

Nobody wants to have to deal with a disgusting, stinky, dangerous, and damaging sewage backup. Everybody should check their homes’ sewage systems regularly and work to avoid plumbing issues in the first place. Unfortunately, all the preparation isn’t enough sometimes. In that case, professional clean-up is needed immediately. Green Genie Environmental Services is ready to help 24/7, and we respond to most cases within the hour. Reach us by phone at 716-466-6653.

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